dj calypsö's timeless tunes

The mysterious & unique
appearance of dj calypsö
in Berlin

this friday 22.12.2011
at O tannenbaum
from 10pm


a back to the future journey through the unfamous
70' sailor glam rock until the 00' experimental pop



After an awesome summer fest with about 100-150 heads shaking in the backyard of weserstr 191 we couldn't resist to organize a winter event before the end of the year,
before the end of the world...
for this occasion , two days before jesus was born,
we will collaborate again with our favorite radio conspiracy show
DIYCHURCH as we did last may with adolfo caleuche video
>tuning part of the evening live>
this will be the last physical appearance in Berlin,
at least for a while,
since the caleuche_video changes hemisphere and moves for a while to southamerica.
if you are in Berlin on the 22th COME ! if not,
tune the show on diychurch.

▲the vibe▲

Iku Sakan
indias indios
The Valleys
mirror talk
sredni vashtar duet !
harmony molina

visuals by
Elizabeth Skadden & Beatrice Baumgartner