Gira Musical Disco Montaña

Orphan Fairytale,
Indias Indios & Wtf Bijou on tour 
next week of september in Swiss !

13.09 Bourg. Lausanne
18.09 Bad Bonn. Dudingen
20.09 Loch. Zurich
21.09 Pantographe. Moutier
22.09 Cave 12. Geneva

7.09.2013 in Antwerp

The creative audio project of Spencer Clark (a.k.a. Charles Berlitz, Black Joker, and Vodka soap, as well as 1/2 of the Skaters), whose Romance Audio trilogy under the moniker has sought to explore a metaphysical relationship with an aviary sherpa. His sounds as Monopoly Child examine esoteric and spiritual concepts through hypnotic layers of rhythm and melody.

One of the many aliases of Antwerp artist Lieven Martens, who also runs his own imprint Cetacean Nation Cassettes. Lieven combines new-age aesthetics with hazy lo-fi synth rituals. Recent releases see him incorporating influences of musique concrete and classical music.

A multi-layered substratum, an organic sound matter shining under a full moon sky. Here music, like some appetizing ground digested by enthusiastic worms, reveals the very nature of compost: a gift from the earth. Featuring members of Buffle, Pacific Games, DJ Cool Brocoli, Dj Bongo Man...

Born a punk and raised a rainbow watcher, Manuel Padding aka City Hands has been active as a music citizen and a renownd butterfly observer for a few decades now. As a free-minded follower of Gustav Metzger and a reader of early science-fiction free press, M.P. believes in the creative powers of destruction and in the secret forces lying in forgotten languages. His fluid compositions aim to create rich underground communities that would stand against corruption worldwide.

Installation by REVEREND DIRTY TREE (CL)


Wilrijkstraat 37, 2140 Antwerpen
starts 8 PM.

22.03.2013 Live and Workshop at erg

on the 22th of March 
a workshop about how I edit my films only using 
analog mixers at L'École de recherche graphique
in Brussels. Bellow an example of analog editing.

Indias Indios | Vulcano di Notte

Originally released on tape 
by Stenze_Quo during the third 
of april 2012. For you out there
feeding the internet,
the complete original tape !
sharing the sounds on Caleuche_Video.
Artwork by Johann.