Cotopaxi | Schrein | Indias Indios on Tour in Germany NOW !

30.12. Berlin - Pony Royal
31.12. Bremen - Friese
02.01. Leipzig - Nullunendlich
03.01. Darmstadt - Oetinger villa
04.01. Karlsruhe - Halle 14
05.01. Stuttgart - Ffus
06.01. Bochum - R15

indias indios | new video and upcoming shows on the 19th & 23th november 2012


line-up for friday
are the pacific ocean 


from 8pm
at the CLUB
Biebricher Str. 14
12053 Berlin


line-up for monday are the
dark princesses on tour and your
favorite local act.

from 9 pm
Boddinstr. 60 
12053 Berlin

16.11.2012 | dj calypsö at SO · STARK

from 22pm to 24pm
calypsö tunes 
Brunnenstraße 10

Indias Indios | Viaje Musical Galáctico por Belgica y Holanda

26.10. Brussels - Bozar (with Hangjun Lee)
31.10. Antwerp - Halloween at Italiëlei 63 (with Eekhoorn X, Taped Nightmare)
1.11. Enschede - Kosmos (with Fyoelk)
2.11. Amsterdam - OCCII (with Fyoelk, ∆D∆E∆W∆, Chrs Calarreta)
3.11. Groningen - OWSUM (with Fyoelk)
3.11. Groningen - Lepel (last minute freestyle duo with Fyoelk)
4.11. Rotterdam - Worm (with Fyoelk)
6.11. Antwerp - De Oceaan der Geluid radio show
6.11. Brussels - student cafe (with Buffle, Dj bonsai Tarzan, Dj quentin, monseñor senormal)

Song Portrait - July & August 2012

All the new photographs from July and August
can be seen at the Song Portrait Page !

Song Portrait

Dear Internet pirates, citizens of planet earth,

citizens from unknown planets and universes,

It is my great pleasure introduce to you a new

chapter in the Caleuche_Video activities.

Song Portrait will present a series of images

of people playing music, friends, music divos and

divas, music monsters, things and beings,

and in the future hopefully naked people

having breakfast and things like that.




This was a happy weekend with the best gang ever.

The day before going to Leipzig I did a jam

with Sam aka SAMOLN. The first pic is his

house studio. The next pic is me. Then you can see

Nicolas wearing a paintball/motocross mask playing

a BLUE STORK set. The boy smiling next to him is Markus

from D.I.Y.CHURCH and this(and the one bellow) are

only pics of him online.

That really happy person on the left with a wolf

T-shirt is Elia, half DAS and fully EXTEENAGER.

The boy on the right is DER WARST. The one with

the tropical cap saying hello to the camera

is JOHNNY HAWAY. Back on the left in the

last dance pic is our cute driver Micol.



JULY 10TH 2012

All did started thanks to fashion !

I was invite to play for Berlin Fashion

Week at the Lomography Shop. Instead of

paying me in cash they offered me to

choose any Lomo camera I'd like and many

films too, black&white,

dias...........I accept the deal and

choose a mini diana model "petite noire",

recommended by photographer Takeshi

Suga that had his exhibition

opening the same evening. Only three

weeks later I returned to the shop and

finally got the camera. that sunny day

was friday Then at night I went to

loophole and finished the film, took

thousands pics of BY HARUO, the man

of the endless masks, only one pic

of SFTSTPS sitting next to his computer

and a candle and some of SULTAN BENNY

playing his trumpet.