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Was the year 2010 ,during fall I guess. I was already living in Berlin and Lyndon Harrison invited me for playing at his group exhibition's opening. That evening we play as R AA YY O with my good friend Francesco a show in between the boundaries of a performance and a dj set. There were many friends of Lyndon, most of them coming from the UK. Lyndon's mother came to congratulate with us, she liked our set a lot. Sam was there too.
After about half a year I was mostly into getting lost in the many oasis Berlin offers and I end-up hanging out with Alice at the wild wedding parties she still organize, she told me that Sam was back in Berlin for a few days and wanted to see me(¿!?!?).That same night I fell very sick and I left early, but in my way home with Marlene and Kate they insisted that much me to join them in some bar-opening of a friend of them that I end-up hanging out with them, later I kiss them and like in the movies suddenly we were a triangle of love. On our way back to their place ,around 6-7pm I proposed to stop at the wild wedding party since it was on the way. the party was almost over but there was Sam!,he told me "Benjamin, I really loved your set with Francesco last time and I have a tape for you, this is my band, The Valleys, I made a limited edition of five copies and one is for you", then he opened the case and with the first crayon he found wrote on the back cover; A_pop side / B_experimental side.

After I listened to the tape wouldn't been easy to reach Sam again if it wasn't for Betsy's help.
When I finally contacted him and he agreed about publishing the tape with Caleuche_Video he send me this info about the band:
"The Valleys are from Bridgend, Wales and have been together since 2005. The Valleys - Tape was recorded in London at Rhys's Hall Way Bedroom, Chatsworth Road and Front Room, Rushmore Road between January 2010 and March 2011. The music for the tape was made by myself and Rhys Knowles but the full line-up of the valleys is · Ben Absalom · Sam Bardsley · Rhys Knowles · Rhys Morgan · Ben Reed