Harmony Molina | Heavy Stuff EP


Caleuche_Video 005
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Pablito Molina is my friend since a while, we meet through a highschool mate of mine, Vinicio Montalvo(1982-2003) when we were still living in Santiago, Chile. Since then he was already a myth because of his street performances, but mostly because of his poems. I remember that time that we went all together to nico's house in concon, a small summer village by the sea and spend most of the time on the beach drinking escudo beer and listening to pablito's covers from nirvana, charly garcia, olivia newton-john and many other great classics. Those days I discovered that he could also play the guitar and with such a feeling. That period, the year 2000, my last period in Chile was so intense, electronic music was at the top, and our friend Vini was playing gigs often with his electro-crash band A la luz resistant, everybody had (and still have) very special dance steps.

After two years from when I left Chile, Vini had an accident and died. Pablito was there during those days. After that we lost ourselves and didn't knew anymore about each other life. After many years we meet in Berlin and we become neighbors. he is now in berlin and plays his guitar more and more often.