Kevin Bewersdorf | Slow Dudes


Caleuche_Video 004
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On his old website Kevin gives a brief description about the album :

Slow Dudes was recorded in 2005 in Berlin Germany using homemade instruments built by me, general MIDI software, and some analog synthesizers built by Peter Blasser. The software provides a familiar architectural ingredient, while the homemade instruments are highly gestural in order to battle the defaults present in the software.

I contacted Kevin a month ago asking him if it was possible to upload Slow Dudes and released it under the Caleuche_Video series. He replied and said yes.

During the last days searching for more of Kevin's stuff I discovered that Slow Dudes has been already released once in the free download form by a website that now is offline called, Kevin's old website I guess.

After spending some hours in the netz I found this video.